What Inspectors Look at in an HVAC Inspection

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In our experience here at Top Notch Home Inspections, structural and mechanical problems in a house are not always readily apparent, which is why we offer thorough home inspection services to help you identify them. One place where it can be especially difficult to detect problems is in the HVAC system, but fortunately, our team offers expert HVAC inspections to help you identify issues as early as possible and correct them before they get worse. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of some of the major things our inspectors look at in an HVAC inspection, so you know what to expect.

What Inspectors Look at in an HVAC Inspection

• Condensation Drain – One thing we check for in an HVAC inspection is a blocked condensation drain. As your air conditioning runs, water vapor condenses inside the unit, and the condensation directs the moisture outside, so it doesn’t soak into your floor or walls. If this component becomes blocked, it can seriously damage your home, so we make sure it remains clear.

• Gas Lines – Another key step in an HVAC inspection is looking at the gas lines to make sure there are no leaks. Many heating systems use natural gas to fuel their furnaces and water heaters, and it’s important to make sure the gas is safely contained inside the gas lines at all times.

• Refrigerant – Our team will also check the pressure of your air conditioner’s refrigerant as part of our HVAC inspection services. This chemical is a key part of your AC’s core mechanism, so we’ll make sure your system has enough of it to continue to cool your home effectively. We’ll also make sure the refrigerant isn’t leaking out, as most refrigerants are hazardous for local wildlife and to everyone in your home.